Dear Friends, Welcome to the website of Mission To The Blind !

India holds the largest blind population, who live in desperate physical and spiritual needs. Mission To The Blind is an expression of God's love and concern for them.

Going through the website, you will have a glimpse of the problems, needs and potentials of blind people in India. Their problems are insurmountable; their needs are many and their potentials remain untapped.

You can become part of this mission by your
  • Prayers
  • Practical assistance in meeting the needs and
  • Providing avenues to use their potentials
Let us together use our time, talents and treasure to bring Love, Light and Hope of an eternity with Christ in their darkened lives.
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Thank you.
Sam R Thanaseelan
National Executive Director
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Jesus heard that they had thrown him out and.. He found him..
John 9:35
National Training
for Blind Youth